Scholarship Award Night

Last night I accepted the Agnes Hammond Library Technology and Follett Education Group scholarships at Palomar College. It was overwhelming and wonderful and I’m so glad I attended! I am so grateful.
Going alone last night was really tough for me, but Carley met me after she got off work, so I was only there alone for about an hour. It went by really quickly! First, I found my Follett Education Group table and met the manager of the college bookstore. We chit-chatted and I got my certificate and picture taken with them.
Another recipient of that particular scholarship was at the table with her daughter, and I wish Molly had been with me. Her daughter showed me where my name came up in the program and adored my sun kachina necklace.
I got a plate of food and had set it down at the table, FULLY planning on stuffing my face since I hadn’t eaten all day. But, first, the picture. Schmoozing. Then, I was supposed to go greet the other table that had awarded me a scholarship – the librarians! So I LEFT my food at Table #1 and went over to say hi to the Agnes Hammond table.
My Intro to Library Svcs professor, Professor Forney, was there! And another librarian turned library science professor who will teach future classes I have yet to take was sitting next to me! I felt quite at home at the library table and totally didn’t get a chance to run back to Table #1 for my food before the ceremony started.
So, I never saw the bookstore people again because it started and I didn’t want to be rude and stand up and move seats when I’d only been at the library table for about 5 minutes. And I never got my food back.
The format of the evening was nice, they had several guest speakers and mostly, they read off the name of the scholarship donors and introduced each donor, then all the scholarship recipients would stand up and everyone would clap.
The best speaker, in my opinion, was my friend from Table #1, Lisa! She wracked up like 5 scholarships last night and when she told her story I understood why. She had a baby at 16, was asked to leave her high school because she was pregnant, joined the workforce, had another baby. Got married to a military man who came home without both his legs and part of his brain, then her father committed suicide. Through all this, she acted as caretaker to her husband and put both of her own children through college. Now she has a solid 4.0 GPA and wants to get a PhD in Psychology and spread suicide awareness. What a fucking rock star.
Carley showed up and joined me at Table #2. I got to stand up twice for my scholarships and get some pictures. The president of Palomar was there, who I met at the honor society induction. It made me so much more calm to know that I had someone coming to join me. Thank you, roomie!
I really hope this Speech class this summer helps me with some of my social anxiety. I want to be able to share my story in front of people without losing it or saying UMMM or just choking entirely. Gosh. We shall see.
I am super grateful, enjoying school, and excited for what the future holds.