Rainy San Diego Night: #NaBloPoMo Day 26

I had a good day at work today, but it was busy for Small Business Saturday. I had five massage clients. It started raining in Bird Rock around 3pm, and a huge palm frond fell right in front of our doorway. The clouds off in the distance looked pretty ominous. By the time we were closing up around 5pm, everything was dark. The rain had dissipated, but it came rolling in again and hard.

Driving home in it was pretty typical for a rainy night in San Diego. It was really hard to see on the twisty roads through La Jolla, so everyone was driving like 20mph. Then 40 on the freeway. I listened to jazz and the blues and channeled some patience. There were a few accidents. I eventually made it back down to where I’m house-sitting in North Park.

It makes me happy to be greeted by a meowing and purring kitty, and that’s just what was waiting for me. I got lots of kitty cuddles. Aww, yeah.

Tonight I was supposed to go out dancing, but the rainy weather has everyone in the mood to stay in. I think I will just practice guitar and enjoy the nice big bathtub here, maybe catch some Gilmore Girls and Black Mirror on Netflix, then pass out. I had two huge coffees today, and got like 12 hours of sleep yesterday, so I don’t really have high hopes of getting to bed early.

It’s so hard to write with a purring kitty in your lap. Cats have a magical relationship with keyboards. They must interfere with typing, directly or indirectly. Maybe once this cat has had her fill of me, I can get some writing done for these last few days of NaBloPoMo.

It’s been nice meeting and chatting with other bloggers, but man I am I tired. Just a few more days. I feel like an astronaut at the end of a mission, giving my daily notes into the video cam with my hair messed up and a complete lack of enthusiasm. But I will get there.

Thank you for reading and encouraging me.


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