Thanksgiving: #NaBloPoMo Day 24

I’m up early on Thanksgiving morning. I’ve been chopping carrots and celery and onions and boiling up some eggs to make deviled eggs. Feeling pretty joyful, although my daughter informs me that she is B O R E D already, and it isn’t even 7am. The mimosas are ready to go, but I think I will wait for Matt to wake up and Neil to get here.

That’s two of my exes. One ex is making a turkey breast for the other to eat. I’m not sure when or how we became so evolved. All I know is that I am very grateful to be where we are now.

The past few years I’ve endured a lot of hardship and heartache, and to be at this point of joy now is incredible. I’m happy my mom is coming down with her boyfriend, I’m even happy that Neil’s mom is coming. Everything we are making to eat will be delicious. It’s going to be a great day.

In the meantime, I have more cooking prep to do. Molly has been temporarily entertained by the addition of Pop Pixie on the TV. The kitty and fishy where I’m housesitting have been fed. Even the caterpillar got some new celery this morning. I am hoping it doesn’t turn into a butterfly before its little caterpillar mom gets home from vacation! It’s going to be close.

Food always makes me feel secure and abundant. It is hard to feel poor when you have a table full of food. Even if it’ll mostly be gone home with folks as leftovers or devoured over the next couple days, at least for one day we will feel supremely rich.


Just the stuff I am prepping this morning, not counting the meats or Neil’s sides!

2016 has been a rough year for a lot of people. We have seen our heroes fall and evil rise within our country. It is nice to take a time-out to appreciate what we have and the people we love. I love making other people happy, and enjoy being in service on Thanksgiving, at least to my family. It is difficult to get out and volunteer, but I hope to do more. Our neighbors will probably enjoy some leftovers though, and the goodwill we share amongst ourselves will ripple out to our immediate community.

I love my little hodge-podge family, and wish you all the very best this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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