Musical Awakening: #NaBloPoMo Day 22

I’ve been enjoying so much this renaissance of music in my life. My mom bought me a record player as an early Christmas present. It has a lot of features and I am in love with it already. My roomie had some records, so we got to try it out the other night. We listened to Cat Stevens and Michael Jackson and I can’t wait to hear more.

I’m looking forward to getting the Luke Cage soundtrack, and also starting a collection of blues, Motown, maybe some gospel. My mom can’t wait to get me some Janis Joplin and other rock.

I’m not sure why records seem so appealing now. I mostly listen to Pandora on my phone, or the radio in my car. I always lose or break CDs. Cassettes drove me crazy because the tape would inevitably come out and get tangled. There’s something big and solid about records. I know they are delicate, too, but at least they’re large.

Maybe I’ve just been feeling nostalgic for a time I never knew.


Ta-daa! My new record player.

An interesting feature of the new record player is that it records to CD from record or cassette. I’m really looking forward to curating some old music and making CDs for my car. Now that I am starting to rediscover my own music, I want more and more of it all the time. It is strange, how much I let it fade from my life. I will never let someone else’s musical tastes completely override my own again.

I also decided to gift myself with some metallic pink earbuds the other day. They were an impulse buy. My last pair each had a cute blue octopus on them, but I lost them somewhere. I’ve had my new earbuds for like a week and have already misplaced them a few times. But so far, I am victorious.

It’s amazing how much a simple thing like some $10 earbuds can change an entire world. I wish I had had them when I was taking the trolley to work every day. Now when I walk around I can listen to whatever I like, and my day gets infinitely better.Like magic, I am transported somewhere else and everyone moving around me is moving to the beat of the music.

When I lost my old earbuds, I just got used to living without them. Kind of like how right now my car radio isn’t working because my mechanic had to disconnect the battery to fix something and I lost the anti-theft code. I contacted the dealership and they said they can walk me through getting and entering a new code if I call them, but it’s been over two months and I have yet to make that phone call. Making phone calls makes me extra anxious, but I will get around to it eventually.

I want to wrap myself in music and never let it go again. Something has been awakened within me that will not be forced back inside its box, and I’m just going to have to ride it out. I’m looking forward to it.


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