Lazy Sunday: #NaBloPoMo Day 13

I’m still in shock over the election results, but I can’t talk about it anymore right now. I am exhausted and heartbroken and grieving what could have been. I just can’t think about it tonight.

Being in this state left me scrambling a bit for a topic for tonight’s blog post. I’m nearly halfway through the NaBloPoMo challenge! It has been very rewarding and interesting writing every single day and putting it out there. People are learning a lot about me in a short amount of time, which can be both good and bad, I suppose.

I know I don’t have to keep writing about my personal life, but there was a lot that really wanted to come out. I am sitting on a few other posts that I need to edit for kindness. I try not to just throw things out there in anger anymore, though I have certainly failed in that area this week.

My friend and I both needed to get out and dance, so we did that last night. We had so much fun. I woke up today with sore feet and a blister, which equates to a successful evening in my mind. Anything to get back into my body and feel something.

Strangely, it’s also been a really good week for me. I’ve learned Wish You Were Here on my guitar, and am starting to build some callouses on my poor, tingling, burning fingertips. And I’ve been writing, of course, although really spending a lot of time on posts that may or may not ever be public, and no time at all on my sci-fi story.

I’m working on another short story for another anthology, sci-fi this time, and I have a great setting and characters but so far nothing is happening. I have had such a hard time focusing on writing fiction while I have been vomiting up all these years of posts in a few short weeks. I am wondering how people work on such varied and diverse projects at the same time without putting themselves through an emotional wringer.

So maybe this is kind of a bullshit post, but it’s Sunday afternoon and I have my daughter and we have been having a jolly time today, so fuck it. I am working on a better post for tomorrow, and besides, Monday-Friday the writing prompts return, so maybe I will tag onto one of those topics.

If anyone has any ideas on topics for me to write about, don’t be shy. For some reason my Internet Dating and Being Doxxed posts have garnered an undue amount of interest. Hoping for nudes maybe? Juicy gossip? I really am trying to be both truthful and kind, and sometimes that means scrapping a post altogether. It’s worth it.

I’ve changed a lot since my LiveJournal days, and although I regret deleting a lot of my writing, I don’t really regret deleting that journal. I met so many of my wonderful friends on LJ, but it was also so filled with processing and negativity and drama, at least mine was. It’s nice to be able to connect with other writers in a more meaningful way.

So far the best part of NaBloPoMo has been all the new blogs and followers I’ve found. There are so many people typing away, every day, trying to get their voices out there. I am happy every time I make a new connection. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard.



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