Election Eve: #NaBloPoMo Day 8

I’m so glad I voted already.

This post is for Day 8, but I am writing it the night before, so it is actually Election Eve here from where I sit. I’m calling it now for Hillary. I have faith in us. I honestly think that more people will vote for Hillary than for Trump. I will admit if Bernie Sanders were still in the race, I would be voting for him. But he isn’t, and he supports Hillary. Last week my mother mailed off her ballot, her first vote since the 1970s, so proud to be voting for the first woman president, and even more proud to be countering Trump. She finds him just as repulsive as I do.

Yesterday as I was driving my daughter home from a Girl Scout event, we drove under an overpass that had a bunch of people walking back and forth waving around Trump signs. I tried to flip them off, but I don’t think they could see me. I will have to satisfy myself with the idea that they felt my disgust from where I was. But of course, then my daughter asked what I was doing. She’s 6. I told her they were up there supporting Donald Trump. She actually booed! I asked her who she would vote for, and she instantly said Hillary Clinton, because she is a good woman. I have to agree.

I’m a lifelong Democrat (although the last few years I have wavered on whether I am Democrat or unaffiliated) but when push comes to shove, I will usually vote Democrat to try and offset the general evil of the Republicans running against them. I’m originally from Texas, which is so conservative. But I’m from Houston, which is a fairly progressive city, comparatively. Now I live in a conservative city in California with a Republican mayor. It seems no matter where I am, I have to co-exist peacefully with people that have polar opposite views from me. And usually, I can tolerate, if not completely forget about, our political differences.

This election has split everyone I know down the middle. There is animosity and violence from both sides. Then there are the people voting third party, which I think is pretty dangerous in this election cycle. I don’t judge people for voting their consciences. But I feel very strongly that supporting Trump is supporting bigotry, misogyny, and everything that is wrong with our country. At this point, after everything he has done and said, if you haven’t renounced him by now, I can only hope that when the dust settles you will see the light.

I am grateful to Trump for shining a light into the dark corners, where racists and sexual harassers hid before. Now they come forward with pride, happy to have someone to throw themselves behind. Another reason to be grateful for Trump, he has done more to unite the Democratic Party than anyone else in recent history. I don’t really think a two-party system is the best way to represent us, but if you have to choose a side, there is no question for me.

I’m convinced that the violent and disrespectful responses are in large part due to the fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman. People will swear up and down that it is wrong to “vote with your genitalia” and call her every name in the book. But it doesn’t change the fact that she is the most qualified candidate, and has handled all of these attempts to smear her character with grace. Jill Stein has certainly not had it any easier this cycle, although she has had much less attention thrown her way.

I’m going to miss the Obamas. Their family has been a great example of love and poise throughout Barack Obama’s presidency. I know that the United States has been involved in some fucked up shit over the last 8 years, but I still can’t find it in my heart to blame Obama for everything. Overall, I believe he did more good than bad. There are a lot of things that will continue to come to fruition that began with his terms, and I think history will view him fondly.

Whoever you are voting for, please vote tomorrow.

(Unless it’s for Trump.)


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